A serious commitment by National Bank Financial.

National Bank Financial has always paid special attention to protecting the personal information you entrust to it. To make sure that your rights are fully respected in this regard, we have developed, in cooperation with other financial institutions and the Canadian Bankers Association, a code of procedure for protecting the personal information of individuals.

In accordance with this code, which all our employees undertake to follow, your personal information is placed in your own personal file solely to enable us to properly manage the products and services you are using, to inform you about other products and services which might be of interest to you and to better meet your expectations. Only employees who need to access your personal file in their normal functions are cleared to consult it. To find out more about National Bank Financial privacy protection code, click on Confidentiality policies.

The ongoing involvement of the Information Security group is further evidence that National Bank Financial places great importance on the confidentiality and integrity of your brokerage banking affairs. This group’s mission is to:

Identify and manage information security risks, while taking into account their impact on Brokerage business.
Define information security policies, strategies and standards.
Assist and advise owners of information in evaluating risks and required levels of protection, and in choosing appropriate security measures.
Make all employees aware of information security and the importance of their involvement.

Completed transaction; confidentiality assured

Rest assured that all precautions have been taken to maintain the confidentiality of the information you transmit when doing your brokerage via Online Services.

First, the National Bank Financial subscribes to the strictest security standards, as demonstrated by its choice of the 128-bit encryption system, the highest level currently available in North America. With this system, it is practically impossible to decode the data you exchange with us, and the confidentiality of your transactions is thus ensured.

For your part, you can take certain measures to increase security even more. To start with, you have to choose a password known only to you, and enter it each time you want to log on to do one or more transactions. We strongly recommend that you change your password at least once a month to minimize any chance of it being discovered. All you need to know to manage your password securely is explained in the section entitled A well-managed password is safer! (See below).

In fact, with the measures implemented by the National Bank Financial and the preventive measures we recommend to you, using the Internet to carry out your brokerage transactions is as safe as going to the branch.